5 Cases When You Should Call for WordPress Plugin Help

WordPress is one of the most used online platforms to build a website. Although everybody loves it, there are times when errors occur and it leaves you crazy. You don’t know what to do so you need a WordPress plugin help to resolve the issue. There are errors with easy fixing than you can resolve yourself particularly if you know WordPress basic.

But these 5 cases are the most common issue you can encounter and there’s no way to resolve it except with the help of a WordPress designer:

  • Database connection error

Have you tried installing WordPress? If so, you might have encountered this error. If not yet, you are lucky. Error to connect on your database happens if your web hosting has a problem or you were attacked by a hacker. Sometimes, this is caused by wp-config.php error. Although you can resolve it yourself, seeking for a WordPress help can address the issue faster.

  • Email and password error

Building a website requires you to create email addresses and passwords to secure your account. However, with several to keep in mind, you forgot these details. While you can retrieve your password by asking for a password reset, moments that WordPress failed to send a reset link to your e-mail. This is stressful. A WordPress developer can help retrieve your password.

  • Connection time error

Connection time error is a common WordPress plugin issue. This error lives when you have installed a heavy best booking plugin WordPress in your server, an error in theme functions occur, or you have reached your PHP memory limit.

Removing heavy plugins from your website is easy but the latter reasons already requires the assistance of an experienced website developer.

  • Missing stylesheet

You have uploaded a new premium WordPress template yet an error message says “theme install failed”. It should not happen as the product is new and you bought it yourself. This case happens because of two things. It’s either you are scammed or you have not uploaded the root theme folder.

A custom WordPress designer can’t do anything if you were victimized by a scam but they can definitely help you on the latter.

  • 404 page error

The 404 page error in WordPress arises because of bad permalink settings. This is a common problem every WordPress user encounters especially when a custom-type theme is used. By adjusting your setting, you will for sure get rid of this irritating error.

These 5 cases are hard to solve especially if you are new to WordPress. However, there is still hope. Take time to study the WordPress basic to immediately take action on these errors.

If you are too busy learning the fundamentals of WordPress, you can hire a WordPress Plugin to work on the resolution of your website!