7 Tricks of Weebly Theme Development

Weebly is a popular web hosting service which many new and existing website users work with due to its featured drag-and-drop building system. It is designed with many features to help individuals customize their website how they want. And based on the business and brand venture, they can easily select from one of the many already install themes.

It is one among the many hosting services with its strongest competitions coming in from WordPress, Webs, Yola, Wix, Jimdo and Squarespace. Due to its easy flexible and workable platform, the newest of website theme developer can use this hosting service with ease and not have any issues.

The Facts about Weebly

Weebly was co-founded in 2006 by three individuals who at the time were just 22 years of age. The co-founders are David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri. The idea came about as a result of school requirements outlining that student had to maintain an internet portfolio and as such, they built on the thought and materialized it.

The platform was developed with the idea to allow others to be easily able to build a website “on their own” with a readymade assist system. Throughout the years, there has been an increased level of development on this platform including:

  • January 2006 – formal development took place
  • June 2006 – first invitational beta release was announced
  • September 2006 – official private-beta launch
  • January 2007 – selection for the Y Combinator’s winter startup program (this was the stage that the official working on the platform began)
  • March 2007 – an advanced editable featured website was re-launched
  • 2008 – upgrade feature in the form of “Pro” (paid) was installed
  • 2009 – CSS/HTML editing support was introduced and installed
  • 2010 – present – continuous developments are going through

Many persons across the web who use Weebly’s platform to develop or create their website have stated that it is one of the easiest platforms to use and with the added drag-and-drop option; they can easily prepare their page content offline and simply add it once signed in. Reviews and notations across the web also have given the thumbs up to this website for its tremendous qualities and constant growth in the website development sector.

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However, when you decide to use Weebly to develop your website, there are a few tricks and tips which you ought to bear in mind. These include:

  • Testing free versions – before you decide to go “Pro”, you can always try the free version of the selected theme to know if it is the right pick for you. Not because it may be in a selective category, this still doesn’t mean it is the ultimate pick.
  • Buy trial version “first” – if they offer a trial on a Pro version, take that option instead of going straight through. This will allow you to see if the specialized promised features will truly be added.
  • Find support – if you are not sure how to really maneuver the complete site, getting help is always a vital option. You will get all the assistance you need through this medium.
  • Know what you need – not because a particular theme looks great does it mean it is the best fit for your business venture. They categories the themes on the Weebly platform, thus you can easily choose the category theme for your desired website.
  • Choose the better quality – there is a mixture of different themes on the website and as such, choosing the most unique and obviously the one with a more qualitative outlook is the key.
  • Customize your website with uniqueness – no one would want to stay tuned to a regular website with no class or one which is simply like everything else. Let your site stand out. Utilize as much of the tools, features and apps the sites ha available.
  • Update regularly – when you finish designing your website, it doesn’t stop there. Updating it regularly is a good factor to consider and this will keep your clients and customers enthused and always wanting to come back.

Weebly is undoubtedly one of the best hosting sites due to its ease of use and flexibility. They offer a wide variety of options for new and existing users to choose from in order to get the best results from their development. However, though it may be easy to use and maneuver, there are selective guidelines one could follow in order to get a more efficient and effective result.

There are so many support systems you can rely on to get help with your developmental stages. Don’t be hesitant to get help, it is there.