Best Music WordPress Themes

Indeed, God gave rock and roll for everyone. Every rock band or musician needs to have effective websites in order to promote their gigs or schedules such as concerts and autograph signing. Therefore, they need to update their post, announcement and press releases so that their fans out there know their activities and new albums or singles to be released.

1. MusicBand Pro

MusicBand Pro is a clean yet impressive music wordpress theme. It is a highly professional fashion wordpress theme especially made for music platfroms, easy to use with violet music graphic themes that definitely fans will appreciate and enjoy.


  • It offers browser compatibility feature which include firefox, chrome, explorer and more. You can simply customize theme widgets. This means you no longer spend too much of your money concerning plugin. Its customizable feature includes unlimited choice of colors.
  • Your English proficiency is not an issue since the theme as a localize auto translate modification code.


UNIK is one of the famous wordpress themes music for different genres. It is packed full of killer feature that suits to style the image of your band. Furthermore, you can maximize its advantage since it offers different kinds of feature which includes music blog. If you are looking for a simple yet astonishing WorpPress design this can be your best option for your band.


  • You have the advantage of using the powerful theme options panel with unlimited side bars designs.
  • It is fully responsive wordpress music themes powered by bootstrap 3.1
  • If your band has already a website and you just want to use this WP theme for backlinks and blogs, this will definitely help you out with your SEO campaign using its background slider
  • Booking form support and you can use its 50+ parallax animations that can attract more live audiences certainly.

3. Beatheaven

Beatheaven is considered one of the best music wordpress themes since it can be used for artists to maximize his or her online exposure. The WP can also become your personal event planners that stands out among others. Furthermore, Beatheaven is a fully responsive and retina ready theme making an impressive viewing experience.


  • You can definitely captivate live audiences when you use its slick multiple slider and icon font’s integration.
  • You can use different icons in a single file; also, you can replace them simple as well as editing or switching characters.
  • BeatHeaven comes with pile of built in page-out, therefore, you can use these webpages about the artists, events, concert schedule, location and more.

4. Nilltone Multimedia

If you want your WordPress to look simple yet very attracting to live audiences, then Nillton Multimedia will be you best option. The WP theme features online music, video and event magazine. You can open this webpage through various types of web browsers.


  • You will be overwhelmed by its unlimited color options, unlimited home page styles and variations and unlimited blog page style.
  • You can post music video from YouTube with fully HD, Vimeo and Daily moon. You don’t need to plead   to MTV by playing your music videos.
  • You can simply turn this WP theme into cash with its buy and purchase track button / album bottom.
  • Full Mobile & Tablet Support with Powerful Admin Panel

5. Lush

Lush is a type of wordpress themes music that will definitely help you out in the music industry. It is a unique platform which offers premium theme for aspiring musician like you regardless if you are a piano player, band manager, punk rocker, jazz player, or even a web master who likes music.


  • You can actually sell your music online hassle free with its WooCommerece eCommerce plugin.
  • Unlimited layouts, unlimited colors and unlimited fonts with highly customized widget ready easy page builder.

6. RoadRunners

Roadrunners theme is a fully responsive music wordpress theme with nice graphic effects and animation that will simply put your live audiences’ interest to your gigs and upcoming events. It features slick, flack and unique effects that can be useful if you want to show up our music talent or band online.


  • It is powered by CSS, Java Script and jQuery plugins, you can easily use slim box, sematic grid that surely enhance the appealing look of your WP theme.
  • It also features One Page Design with Scrolling Effects and abundant customization sections.

7. Rockband

If you like heavy metal rock band or you are involved into it then definitely you’ll love this awesome music template with a hard rocking impressing rock themes and designs. You’ll be able to promote your band’s schedules and gigs by posting or blogging with such WP theme. You can also sell out your new track record from it buy button directly to iTunes.


  • It is a perfect tool for promoting your band’s schedule with WooCommerce support that you can use to sell albums, single track record and you can even collect the payment immediately.
  • It is high customizable with lots of options to choose from, it can be accessed easily which allows you to instantly change designs or update contents.

8. Music club

If you love to throw a party at night or want to live or just organize a simple accosting gig in the bar then music club is your best choice. It is considered as one of the best music wordpress themes since it offers wide varieties of music and entertainment which include club, party, radio station, or even can be used as an entertainment magazine.


  • It features page builder with revolutionize slider perfect for your musical platform
  • You can use unlimited colors and slick designs that will truly captivates every music enthusiast online.

9. I like rock band

If you are involved with a rock band group then it is highly recommended to use I like rock band as your personal WordPress blog tool which enables you to post your gigs online with neat and clean code writer for everyone and anyone who wants to make their website loading sequence fast.


  • You can either use black or light color, styles and designs will vary depending on your style and taste.
  • The WP feature PSD files with Easy to change Color skins easy to customize graphics interface.

10. Soundwave

Soundwave is definitely one of the best music wordpress themes since it is the only WP theme that feature music and radio platform while you are looking for upcoming events and schedules. You can put your band’s information which includes each one of your personal profile. Moreover, you can choose from different display mode graphic design.


  • It allows you to post images, photos, and albums. These images could be about your gigs or a simple image of your band rehearsing at the basement.
  • You can also post videos from Youtube and Vimeo.