What Is a Business Portfolio and Ways to Create a Good One

A business portfolio is a marketing tool that is essentially a display of a company’s services/products. Usually displays are made up of the best samples of past work a company has performed with the idea of attracting customers needing similar type work done for them. A business portfolio can also be targeted at a particular job or contract and serve as a way to network with others in the industry.

Business portfolios are used in a variety of industries. To be effective, before creating the business portfolio you must first:

  • Determine what the specific objective of the business portfolio is.
  • Perform a business portfolio analysis.

What is a business portfolio analysis? It is assessing the particular objective that you want to achieve and analyzing the business portfolio design and content that should be incorporated into a business portfolio to reach that objective.

Creating Good Business Portfolios

Almost any type of business in any industry can benefit from a business portfolio. This may be especially true of smaller companies that lack the budgets of big corporations. Business portfolios allow small companies to compete more effectively based on ability rather than marketing budget. No matter the industry many of the elements that make a good portfolio are the same. The following suggestions can be applied to a web development company portfolio or to a construction IT company portfolio to equally good effect:

  • Don’t use samples of all of your work. Only include the best examples of previous jobs you have done that highlight the quality of your work. A few high quality samples are more effective than numerous examples of lesser quality work.
  • Only include samples for services you provide. No matter how good a past project you completed was, if you don’t offer the service it represents then it shouldn’t be included.
  • Keep online portfolios simple and user friendly. Too many bells and whistles can complicate things and ultimately frustrate users prompting them to go elsewhere.
  • Make contact information easy to find. Having it on every page wouldn’t hurt.
  • Include client testimonials. Client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool

The above suggestions are all good ways to improve business portfolios in almost any industry. An alternative way to get an effective business portfolio is to use a business portfolio service. What is a business portfolio service? It is a service like the one we provide that specializes in developing effective business portfolios to meet your objectives.

Advantages of Using Our Business Portfolio Service

There are numerous advantages to using our service to create your business portfolio. Advantages include:

  • Business portfolios designed by top professional portfolio developers with extensive experience and expertise in the field.
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