Choosing the Best RTL WordPress Themes

Newspaper might very well be the best theme when it comes to making use of the wordpress rtl.css setup. The theme offers complete support for Farsi and Hebrew right out of the digital box, so to speak. Newspaper offers an infinite scroll option that allows designers to post content that gets loaded with the client browser’s page scroll. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for anyone who is posting to an online newspaper or magazine.

The Official Theme

While it might have a rather simplistic name, Official is an excellent example of what rtl wordpress themes should look like. It covers support for all languages written with Arabic text, and features an extremely responsive design. It’s perfect for those who are setting up a commerce site, since it supports a variety of business and social networking addons. These can help a developer get a fully functional blog or online shop up in no time.

Sahifa Attracts Numerous Developers

One of the most-selling wordpress rtl themes on the market is called Sahifa. It sold well over 12,000 copies in only a couple of years. It features a 9-page template with a built-in review system. That’s not something that most rtl wordpress themes offer. The language file is user-editable, which means that it can be switched over between several different tongues if necessary. This is especially useful when combined with the add-on feature, since this is another theme that can be extended into various types of e-commerce installations. It’s the easiest way to get an international business going without too much trouble.

Jarida is an Online Magazine

While Jarida might seem like it has many of the same features that Newspaper has to offer, it’s actually a great deal different. If Newspaper is designed for a newsmagazine, then Jarida is designed for a fashion magazine. It’s from the same developers that created Sahifa, but it has more of an informational flair.

While it could support many of the same plug-ins that the parent theme set does, it’s more comfortable to use Jarida when designing an Internet version of a magazine. These kinds of wordpress rtl themes might help to bring existing print media online, in spite of the fact that only poor local support was available in the past.

Remal is Certainly Unique

The Remal theme might represent one of the most unusual uses of the wordpress rtl.css command. It provides developers with the ability to basically create a Pintrest clone in a language that reads through the wordpress rtl.css framework. This means that those attempting to court an Eastern social clientele might want to take a close look at this theme. It’s quite different from anything on this list, and it’s bound to attract those who have been trying to develop their own internal social networking communities.

If you need to build wordpress theme that will stand out from the crowd, you can always hire a group of professionals or try changing the rtl css yourself.