How to Copy WordPress Site Theme

After has known on how to install wordpress template, anyone who needs to know how to copy a wordpress site should pay close attention to whether they have administrator access, because if they do this process is much easier. They can simply access the regular FTP server that allowed them to upload and install the WordPress platform in the beginning and then simply make a straight copy over to another site, though this would naturally move the blog posts along with it. Export the database and then change each of the domain names and URLs to make it work on a new site if this pattern is being followed. Those who lack administrator access will need to use such WP service as the Firebug plug in.

Capturing a Website Theme

Before anyone tries to copy wordpress site material they will have to install the basic WordPress unit on their own directory structure, and they might want to try a browser plugin that’s referred to as Firebug. Once they’ve installed it they can then make a directory under /wp-content/themes/ and then visit the blog that needs to be copied. Start Firebug and then copy over the CSS codes from the CSS tab.

Select all of the code and then paste it into a basic text editor. Add the following code at the beginning to draw information about the theme back into WordPress:

Theme URL:
Description:Theme Description text goes here
Author:Author's name goes here
Author URL:

Save this as style.css and place it into that theme folder. Create a new index.php file in the theme folder and include this following code:

 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
 <html xmlns="">
<head profile=">

When trying to copy a WordPress site one can use the language_attributes() line to add lang, xml:land and some dir attributes to the tag for the theme by adding the following after the xmlns attribute:

 <html xmlns="” <?php language_attributes(); ?>>

Those using Mozilla Firefox have another option when it comes time to copy images away from the theme in question should there be any that have to be preserved:

  •  Access the tool menu
  •  Head to page info
  •  Go to media
  •  Scroll through each image type
  •  Select desired images
  •  Use the save as dialog
  •  Upload the material to the new WordPress site

Always remember to change the location URLs. Those who might have forgotten have a couple of options. Make the path to the new URL a symlink, which is better known to Windows users as a shortcut. Thus if the path was /path/to/cats it would be possible to access the symlink system and change it over to /path/to/dogs instead. Those who forgot to change the blog address have to go a different route:

  • Access the database
  • Search for the wp_options table
  • Search for siteurl and home
  • Change option_value to the correct URL with option_name=’siteurl’ or option_name=’home’

Theme Copy Clientele

There are several different groups who might want to copy wordpress theme. One of the primary users of these techniques are those who have gotten themselves locked out of their own administration panel and can’t access the FTP from a site that’s being shut down. They need to copy the theme they themselves created. Those who are copying commercial themes from well-known blogs, however, should be careful to ensure that the material they’re copying is not under copyright. In some cases it may actually be easier just to buy the theme if this process was selected as a manner of getting around that. It would certainly be simpler when it comes time to upload the work.