Creating Outstanding IT Company Portfolio

Business portfolios are used in a wide range of industries and by a variety of different businesses from a single freelancer up to large corporations. However, regardless of the industry or portfolio format, the basics of an effective business portfolio are essentially the same. The main differences between business portfolios in different industries are in the specific samples the portfolio displays. This is true for an IT company portfolio as well as other business portfolios. A basic software company portfolio would include the following:

  • Samples of services/products provided
  • An “About” page or its equivalent that provides some company background
  • Contact information

If desired it could be added to by including:

  • List of previous clients
  • Client testimonials
  • Blog and/or industry news and updates

The only major difference between a software company portfolio and that of any other industry will be item 1 and item 6 which are industry specific. And the principles that make items 1 and 6 effective are still the same in different industries.

Tips to Improve Your IT Company Portfolio

The following tips and suggestions can be used to improve your IT company portfolio:

  • Make online portfolios user friendly: This is a principle that applies to any business portfolio. However for IT company portfolios it is especially true, more due to the perception of IT companies than anything else. A landscaping company may or may not be forgiven by potential customers for having a poorly designed site. However an IT company, even though it may have nothing to do with site development, is very likely going to be held accountable for their poorly designed site because they are IT. For non-IT people, IT is any internet technology period and the various sub-categories don’t matter.
  • Use client testimonials: Whenever possible include client testimonials, especially if your client is a company with name recognition.
  • Choose only samples of your best work to use: A few high quality projects are much better than dozens of lesser quality.
  • Make contacting your company easy: A potential client shouldn’t have to search for contact information. It should be as easy for them to contact you as possible.

Using a business portfolio service like we provide is one way to ensure an effective portfolio management company.

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