How We Work?

Whenever you choose to order one of our web development solutions, we conduct an accurate assessment of your needs! Our goal is to leave you satisfied and exceed your expectations!

WP Service keeps your needs in mind regardless of which service you decide to order. Our goal first and foremost is to cater to your preferences, rely on your feedback and exceed your expectations to provide effective results!

Our professional team is composed of talented programmers, web designers, front-end and back end developers as well as creative graphic designers that are dedicated to quality results!

As any professional web development company, we follow a strict work process to ensure a great final product!

  1. If you are interested in one of our many packages or would like to turn an innovative idea into reality, contact us for a quote. We will contact you and conduct a thorough assessment of your needs!
  2. If your interest is in a new website, we provide 2 custom sample mockup designs, free of charge! We also provide free keyword research reports, as well as website quality and assurance testing reports!
  3. If we are addressing a custom quote, we will devise a sample based on the information we have received.
  4. For our website development packages, once a sample mockup design has been approved or a client has otherwise expressed interest in ordering a package, WP Service requires a standard 40% deposit before commencing, which can be arranged via an escrow service.
  5. The timeframe for completion is negotiable. In case of small-scale orders, such as logos, business plans or other services, we require complete payment upfront.
  6. Before finalizing any order, WP Service conducts a complete quality and assurance test, to ensure that no bugs, errors or any other issues are present. If any revisions, layout modifications or slight changes are necessary, they will be performed free of charge.
  7. Once the order is finalized, we will require the final payment to be made.
  8. A special discount code will be provided off any future orders!