Joomla Shopping Cart Template List

Joomla shopping cart templates are created to enhance your ecommerce business. Joomla shopping cart templates are made from scratch and formulated with your unique online needs.

Below are descriptions of Joomla templates for small, medium and large businesses on the internet:


Iconic is a versatile template if you want to create a Blog site, News site or Magazine. It has animation effects and a responsive design that is compatible with any device. Any preferred color style can be achieved for every single section of your design.


The ambient showcases very trendy and modern templates that can be utilized on any website niche. It has a side menu that an aid in the proper arrangement of your content, and at the same time delivers a fresh and unique look for your visitors.


Jam is a Joomla template that concentrates on music and festival. The module Hot Spotter can be downloaded for free when you get Jam.

JM Apartments

Is a Joomla 3 template that has a modern, responsive and clean design, which is aimed for hotel advertisements. This Joomla shopping cart template has a DJ-Catalog2 extension that the owner can use to develop promotional product materials due to its numerous optional features.


Is a responsive template with bootstrap framework. It contains 63 Module positions 4 preset colors that have unlimited color patterns. This template can be modified for transportation, architecture, industrial or personal pages, etc.


Kraft is a flexible Joomla 3template which can be used to adapt to all forms of devices. At the same time it has a clean and stylish design features that can produce custom layouts for your online business needs.

Job Recruiting

A Joomla custom template with a Twitter bootstrap. It is likewise a high-speed loading template that has modules with plenty of features which can be utilized to create various designs. Colors and background images are limitless, making it a practical Joomla shopping cart template.

Joomla templates come in various designs and features to make your online storefronts attractive and noteworthy to visitors and new customers aside from the existing ones.

And if you want to add Joomla shopping cart template to your website, we’ve got a nice tutorial for you!