Liferay Theme Development Examples

Are you having issues where powering your corporate intranets and extranets are concerned? Are you seeking a solution to fix all that? Then the one software you need is the Liferay Portal also known as the Liferay Theme Development. It is an open source enterprise portal software product which is written in Java and is commonly used in the developmental processes of websites and web portals. The Liferay Development software is equipped with a web content management system which allows users to build and manage website pages, themes, portlets and other common navigational elements. There is no need for worry whether you are a programming specialist or not because the way this program is designed, the basic programmer can easily access and efficiently develop their own website or others.

The Existence of the Liferay Development Software

Dating back to the year 2000 when this software was first created by a Chief Software Architect known as Brian Chan, it was created as a free and paid professional service, giving users a variety of development options. During the early stages of creation and up to this day, its main focus was on the enterprise portal technology with Head Company based within the United States. But since then, there have been many different stages of progress and development of the Liferay theme development software including:

  • 2004 – The Company had its brand licensed under the name Liferay, Inc. and had its Germany subsidiary being Liferay GmbH.
  • 2007 – The company had an expansion and opened an Asian office in China and a Spanish subsidiary, Liferay SL.
  • 2009 – Liferay opened a new company in India
  • 2009-present – There is an estimated 18 offices stretched across 15 countries with over 100 partnering comp0anies in up to 40 countries.

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Special Elements of the Liferay Theme Software

Liferay has embarked on a developmental phase for the last couple of years and it includes different phase, stages and features. For example, the Liferay development software is distributed into two main editions:

  • The Liferay Portal Community Edition which is one of the latest features and is supported via an active community based and,
  • The Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition which is a commercial offering comprising of services that involves updates and full support system.

Other features, products and projects of the Liferay development software include:

  • The Liferay Social Office which is a collaboration suite
  • Liferay Sync which is the support system that allows users to publish and access documents and files from numerous ventures such as Windows, iOS, Android centered platforms and Mac OS.
  • The AlloyUI which is the tool responsible for building web applications
  • The Liferay Faces, a supporting system for the JavaServer Faces
  • The Liferay Screens, a portal inclusive of mobile elements necessary for building mobile applications
  • The Liferay IDE, a set of plugins necessary for effective development within the Liferay Portal Platform
  • The Liferay Marketplace, the station to find all needed public apps

Considerations When Using the Liferay Theme Development

When using this development software for website development, one must bear in mind that there are both positives and negatives associated with it. When you use, you must be aware that though there are minor issues like the security model being good, it has a few limitation which requires manual adjusting and improvement in some areas of the portal. Also, the log in feature is not done via a default SSL method nor is the “garbage collector” scheduled via the control panel. One other trick associated with this software is that you have to add a virus scanner in some areas to run uploaded files.

But with a sigh of relieve, there are many amazing and positive features associated with this software including:

  • It is an open source portal giving users the freedom of easily extending or customizing as per their specification
  • There are over 60 additional applications and tools in the form of portals which is accessed as a plugins
  • It has its own market place just in case you need to access an additional feature. This helps to reduce the risk of getting fake apps.

The Liferay Theme Development Software is like that of no other. It is equipped with so many features that enable the most basic of website users to be able to efficiently and effectively develop their website without any issues or problems. It is always going through a phase of development and as such, though there may be minor issues, it has more positives than bad.

If you are uncertain on how to effectively use this software, you are fee to always contract the services of a web developer and one especially who knows the ins and outs of website development.