Questions on How To Code PSD To HTML

Those who want to learn how to psd to html have certainly been asking some recent questions about it.

Perhaps the most common question we receive in regards to slicing psd to html involves how the actual coordinate codes from layer files can be turned into markup language. There’s a few ways that this can be done, and naturally our professional developers are always ready to take care of things. Those who want things done quickly might want to have a look at the most basic export functions, however.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q) Can all browsers read markup language?

A) After conversion the markup language that comes out is readable by a majority of browsers. There are several different HTML revisions. Some older browsers aren’t compatible with new commands, and this has become particularly problematic as a result of mobile devices. It’s always best to check.

Q) How to psd to html effectively?

A) Most photo shop documents store data as images, which are then subdivided into layers. Taking screenshots and posting the most important parts of the image into an HTML document is the best way to do things if all else fails. Conversion software can sometimes work, and text will often have to be keyed in manually. Basic HTML editing packages that ship with word processors generally help quite a bit.

Q) Can HTML be edited after conversion is over?

A) Yes all converted HTML is like any other scripted programming code and can be used wherever one wishes.

Q) Can static images be converted to HTML?

A) Text from static images can be run through an OCR routine, and then the resultant text can be edited and marked up.

Questions About our Service

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