Quick Timeline JS Tutorial

There is so much that can be said about timeline JS as well as the timeline JS tutorial but before we go into that we would first of all look at what a timeline is. Basically a timeline is a graphical representation of a period in time used to denote happenings within the said timeframe. It could be as shorts as hours in a day or as long as years in a decade, century or millennia. Timelines can be done either with your usual Microsoft office or with any of the many timeline makers that are available today. What is more is that you can also get timeline tutorial online that would easily put you through on how to >make a timeline on line.

Some of these timeline tools work by incorporating graphics, texts, as well as images and multimedia to their timeline; all of which would make the timeline even more awesome. There is also the timeline 3D that is available today. So it really doesn’t matter the kind of timeline you want, it will please you to know that you can always get a tutorial timeline online be it a timeline JS tutorial or another timeline tutorial you may require.

The Main Features of Timeline JS tutorial

So what are the main features of a timeline JS tutorial? What are the features that make a timeline tutorial to stand out? The first thing we would look at here is what are the general features of a timeline and in the list below we would enumerate some of these features:

  • The first feature of a timeline which is one of the features that you would find in a timeline tutorial; is that your timeline must have a title. Of course the tutorial would show you useful ways to give your timeline a title and guide you through how you can go about searching out awesome titles for your timeline.
  • The next thing you would need to learn how to do from a timeline tutorial is how to make the list of events that would be on your timeline. This list would guide you through some of the next important features.
  • When you have the list of events you would then be able to give your timeline a starting point and this is the next main feature. That is, the point at which your timeline would start.
  • The list of events would also help you pick a time when your timeline would end
  • Finally you would want your timeline to flow, so that one can get what is portrayed in the timeline in one glance.

These are some of the main features that you would learn and get from a timeline tutorial.

Pros and Cons of Timeline Tutorial

The next thing that we would be looking at here is some of the advantages and disadvantages of a timeline tutorial. Below we would enumerate them. First, what are the pros of tutorial timeline?

  • With a tutorial timeline you can easily learn how to draft your timeline
  • It would guide you through the entre tour of using a timeline maker
  • It ensures that at the end you will have a professional and well-drawn out timeline
  • You can always go over it if you do not understand any part of the timeline tutorial
  • It comes in easy formats like videos and texts for your convenience
  • It is a great adjunct to any other information you have about drafting your timeline

Some of the cons of timeline tutorial are:

  • Some of them are not free
  • The free ones usually are not very exhaustive
  • Some of the tutorial timeline only cover one aspect of the timeline
  • Some timeline tutorials have only little step by step guide and information

Some JS Timeline Libraries

We would now move on to look at some of the JS timeline libraries that you can find online and how they can be of help to you. Below we would examine 5 of the top ones.

  • Timesheet.js: This tool would help you to visualise your data and events with CSS3 and HTML5. You can create simple timesheets with java script using this awesome JS library tool. What is more is that you can style your timeline as well.
  • Vis.js: this is another JS library tool that is specially designed to assist you with large amounts of data. It makes it great for manipulating and interacting with your data. You have Graph 2D and 3D as well as network and dataset with this tool. What is more is that it is easy to handle.
  • TimelineSetter: This tool embeds a JSON object in its uniquely created HTML page. This makes it an awesome JS library tool to use. It has both CSS and JavaScript and it is also easy to use and manipulate.
  • Timeline.js: you can enjoy visually great and interactive timeline with this open source JS timeline library tool. It is great for beginners as well as experts. While the experts may feel comfortable with the JSON, beginners can easily create their timeline using Google spread sheet.
  • Timeglider.js: this is a JavaScript built timeline application that is both interactive and data-driven. It allows you to drag and drop your timeline as well as its zoom function that can allow you to view centuries at once.

These are some of the useful information that you should have about timeline tutorial JS and they would guide you through using any of the tutorial timeline that is available online. In this way it will be easy for you to start to create your own timeline JS.

Now that you know about timeline JS and why this timeline JS tutorial is important, you can now move on to get your tutorial timeline and start learning.