Shopify Shopping Cart

Shopify shopping cart software is popular in the industry especially to business owners. Lots of them are using it because it helps them a lot. If you are wondering if what Shopify is all about, be sure to continue reading for more details.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review

  • Accept credit cards: Shopify shopping cart payment is instantly set up for you to just accept MasterCard, American Express and Visa the minute you are ready to launch your products or services. There are no hidden fees and you will get a low rate for credit card.
  • More than 70 payment gateways: With shopping cart by Shopify, you can integrate many payment gateways or directly accept payments to credit cards around the world.
  • Weight based rates or fixed price: It has flexible and simple shipping options. When it comes to shipping rates, it can be made in different ways which include tiered, location based, fixed price and weight based rates.
  • Automatic carrier shipping rates: It has unlimited plans wherein users can able to receive automatic shipping rates from shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS and USPS.
  • Painless customer checkout: Shopping cart by Shopify checkout process is secure and simple. Customers are guaranteed not to worry in placing their orders.
  • Sell more: With the abandoned checkout recovery of Shopify, you can able to automatically send your emails to prospective customers who order items in your shopping cart that did not complete their order. For example, you have one online order that is abandoned during checkout process, the abandoned checkout recovery will help you to bring back your visitor and to increase your sales.
  • Multiple taxes, currencies and languages: Choose the local currencies you have and they will be the one to handle state tax rates. They checkout more than 50 languages for you to translate your theme that will meet your wordpress plugin development] needs.
  • Free SSL certificate: For free, you shopping cart include 128 bit SSL certificate in order to keep details secure all the time.

If you readShopify shopping cart review, you will know how effective it is. If you are eager to make your business well known, start by trusting and suing Shopify now! If you need more options before making a choice, have a look at our Google checkout shopping cart review!