WordPress Security Service

There may be no better way to protect a blog than hiring professionals who contract with a commercial wordpress development service. People who set up their own individual personal blogs usually aren’t targets for attacks, but they still need to be vigilant when it comes to all the threats that they might face online. On the other hand those running major for profit sites need special protection.

Some Simple Security Tips

By speaking with several wordpress security service experts we’ve been able to put together a list of some top easy to follow tips that people could use to protect their blog. While many people read about threats, they’re not following actionable information like:

  • Make sure to regularly change the administration password
  • Include special characters and numbers in the password
  • Don’t leave the password in an accessible place
  • Don’t access the system settings screen from a compromised computer
  • Always remember to log out
  • Clear the cache, especially on shared or public machines
  • Run a mal-ware scan of the online file system at periodic intervals

Another thing people neglect is shut down blogs. While it might seem easy enough to leave them alone, derelict sites are easy targets and should be taken care of. Sites that need to remain up for archiving should periodically be logged into and the passwords changed, just to make sure that they’re not forgotten about and taken over. Those that are truly no longer needed should be shut down.

Online Security Options

Once the HTML to wordpress service has had a look over everything they’ll make suggestions and set up security features. One of the biggest things they will insist on is a basic CAPTCHA system. Limiting the amount of comment spam on a blog can save time, and since each comment is emailed to the administrator’s inbox it can help to save the amount of email that one gets. This can be massively useful.